Mikilon fulfills dreams of personal enjoyment for people around the world. This has been our bold and unique purpose since 2006. We give people the means to express themselves; the means to liberate themselves from whatever constrains them. To do this, we must be the best at helping customers achieve personal enjoyment. Their journey begins when they feel a deep emotional connection to our exceptional and distinct products.

    Our exporting experience takes them a step further, connecting them to the brand in their own highly personal and customized way. We can build the ATV and motorcycle the customer wants, when they want it, through flexible manufacturing. Fulfilling dreams of personal enjoyment requires us to work as one company, one team, moving in one direction. We are customer led in all we do, and we believe and invest in our people and our communities.

    With 10 years experience of developing and manufacturing 50cc-250cc ATV and Dirt bike.

    With 10 sales, 2 document administrators, 2 parts workers, 2 shipment workers, and 1 designer.

    Our concept is "centred by customer, orinted by market, survived by quality, to acheive common development"

    Mikilon motors, looking forward to cooperating with you.